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Persuasive Essay

Paperown serves the clients with a wide range of writing. We can provide you with all the types of writing, which you need at academic or professional level. In the wide range of Paperown essay writing, we also include persuasive essays.

A persuasive essay is the type of essay which aims to persuade the readers to the writer’s opinion. In persuasive essay writer introduces a specific topic and tries to incline the readers that his point of view is the best, most logical, and updated. The writer presents his view in simple words and digestible manner that even the people with opposing opinion may consider that view somehow.

The basic writing structure of persuasive essay is quite similar to the other types. The things which differ in persuasive essay from other are:

  • A clear idea about the topic which keeps you focused. Unless writer is not completely focused, he cannot persuade anyone else.
  • An opening paragraph introducing the topic. The opening paragraph needs to have the catchy sentences about the opinion of writer.
  • The body of a persuasive essay has the research based paragraphs. The information and arguments should be authentic.
  • The connection between paragraphs should be smooth; readers must feel easy moving from one paragraph to other.
  • Some counterarguments should be added and discussed with the writer’s opinion.

The process of writing persuasive essay includes the four basic steps; picking your side, understand the target audience, doing research and presenting the opinion and simple way.

Picking your Side

The very first step is to select the topic and pick the side, which will be advocated by you. For picking the side, a writer needs to think about all the aspects of the topic and understand it.

Understand Audience

A persuasive essay can never be written without keeping the audience in mind. The writer needs to identify the targeted audience, and needs to address them directly through his writing.

Doing Research

A persuasive essay is a research based writing piece. It is imperative for writer to do the research and collect the supporting arguments. The writer is also supposed to collect some opposing opinion to prove his opinion most logical.

Presenting the Opinion

After doing research on the topic, the writer can present his opinion through writing. The presentation of opinion in persuasive essay needs to be simple and easily understandable. The language and pattern of essay depends upon the targeted audience.

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