Top 60 Business Research Topics For Students – Empowering Future Leaders

Top 60 Business Research Topics For Students – Empowering Future Leaders

Effective business research paper writing begins with solid business research topics. In business studies, especially those who are in their Master’s program must develop innovative and creative business research topics for MBA students. This is important for getting approval from your tutors and excelling in research projects.

Although many believe they are prepared for research, they often need more ideas for business research proposal topics. Even after preliminary research and brainstorming, many individuals need help to come up with good business research topics. This blog post will guide you in identifying the most appropriate topics for your research in different fields of business!  


Future business leaders and entrepreneurs pursuing a degree in business are required to do research papers in business. They have advanced experience with great knowledge and expertise. These business leaders also work as professional assignment writers and can assist you. They help you understand fundamental economic principles, diverse markets, financial management, operational logistics, and the influence of worldwide events on the economy.

Yet, developing quantitative research topics may take time due to the diversity of business disciplines and topics. As several business processes exist in numerous areas, including finance, communications, administration, and technology, it may not seem easy to concentrate on a single topic.


Selecting topics for business research papers must be timely and distinct from other academic assignments. Even though business is pervasive in society and the global arena, it may not be easy to come up with a timely and relevant topic to modern culture.

Moreover, a vast amount of research has previously been conducted in the field of business research. Discovering something that has never been investigated or adding something new and beneficial to what has already been found might be challenging. But that’s what is required when choosing business research topics for MBA students.

If you select the best business research proposal topics, it will be less difficult to do research and begin writing. A strong topic for a research paper takes into account both your field of study and the subject in order to produce a paper to earn you the greatest grades. This will also help you in improving your research skills!  


Getting started is the most difficult component when selecting topics for business research or presenting your research idea in class. Students should be able to generate engaging business research topics.

  • Make a mental note of all the topics for business research related to your field of study. Asking the right questions, such as “What issues are businesses facing today?” will help you achieve your objective.
  • Create a list of potential business research proposal topics. Change your research topic based on the supplied information.
  • Do research on the term or topic you’ve chosen. To ensure that you comprehend your selection, read the background material.
  • Avoid being too generic or specific while focusing on the research topics on business administration and management.
  • Take additional assistance and guidance from an assignment writing service if you are stuck with an idea and now struggling to write it down in a clear and concise manner.


10 Business Administration Research Topics

Looking for relevant and engaging business administration research topics or business management research topics? Get ideas from the following areas of business administration!

  • Impact of effective transformational leadership and management approach on organizational performance
  • Benefits of social media advertising on consumer behavior
  • Human resource approaches for promoting an inclusive and diversified working environment
  • Human resource leader’s role in organizational change
  • Human resource development role in organizational strategy
  • Strategic leadership driving organizational performance
  • Relationship between HRM and organizational performance management
  • Organizational design and performance management
  • Relationship between incentives or bonuses and staff motivation and job satisfaction
  • Statutory Account Principles Implementation in Finance Organizations

Business Ethics Research Topics

When selecting topics for business research on business ethics, students are required to select important ethical principles and issues in the business context. Some of the topic ideas on business ethics are;

  • Discrimination at the workplace: Legislations regarding discrimination
  • Discrimination remedy at the workplace: Affirmative action programs, reverse discrimination, and comparable worth
  • Discrimination against women in the workplace
  • L’Oréal: Marketing ethics and advertisement strategy
  • Coca-Cola and Pepsi Companies: The marketing tricks and advertisement peculiarities
  • Profit maximization ethics and corporate social responsibility
  • Large profit margins and utilitarian business ethics
  • Relationships between business ethics and personal ethics
  • Exploring the relationship between corporate social responsibility, trust, corporate reputation, and brand equity
  • Impact of misleading companies’ financial ratios

Business Communication Research Topics

Students interested in studying business communication might consider taking the business research topics mentioned below.

  • How men and women act differently at work
  • The benefits of effective corporate communication for a business’s expansion and development.
  • The relationship between communication and effective marketing
  • The benefits of clear communication while working with international organizations
  • Implementation of effective communication ideas in business
  • Just how communication affects business decision-making
  • How communication helps in business problem-solving
  • Communication skills relevant to management
  • communicating with people to influence their purchasing decisions
  • How successfully do corporate communication and marketing work together?

Small Business Research Topics

If you are looking for ideas on finance dissertation topics, the following business research topics can help you;

  • Compare and contrast financial-based responsibility accounting with activity-based responsibility accounting in small businesses.
  • Finance strategies of rapidly growing Finnish SMEs
  • Finance business model reconfiguration and innovation in SMEs
  • Successful managerial accounting practices: empirical evidence from SMEs Ceramics
  • Challenges of accounting and finance in SMEs
  • Financial challenges faced by small firms when starting a new business in the UK.
  • Importance of effective business model for stability of small firms in the retail sector
  • The Accounting GAAP for Private Companies and SMEs
  • Roles of management accounting within a small company
  • Difficulties brought upon by commercial globalization for small businesses

Global Business Research Topics

Get professional ideas from the following research topics on global business

  • Globalization’s impact on consumer behavior
  • Expansion of the foreign exchange market throughout the globalization era.
  • The digital revolution’s influence on global business
  • The impact of culture on marketing and branding
  • The benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing in business
  • Use of anti-fraud strategies by multinational organizations
  • What impact would a conflict have on multinational firms’ ability to grow financially?
  • Corporate communication techniques appropriate for multinational organizations
  • Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on global supply chain
  • Examining how globalization affects international markets

Business Law Research Topics

Whilst it could be challenging, it is possible to find business research topics in the field of law. Here are some ideas for inspiring students to put their all-out effort into a dissertation;

  • Implementation of effective measures for preventing undesired employee behavior at work
  • Assessing the effectiveness of sanctions for significant workplace offenses
  • Support offered by businesses to those injured in workplace accidents
  • When must businesses put data confidentiality rules into place?
  • Evaluation of laws Governing online gaming platforms
  • Value of trademarks and intellectual property to enterprises
  • A study of the variations in corporate law between the West and the East
  • What impact do laws have on online business?
  • Ramifications of privacy for customers and companies
  • Examining international law on data protection
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