Integration used to happen naturally in British society, but the rate of immigration over the past decade in the UK. So, has changed from now. Because of the changing made in the immigration rules served as a hurdle for the overseas graduates instead of being quite helpful.
Why the legal Immigration System is broken in the UK
Naturalization is the attainment of the British to those who hold identity to live as a citizen within a respective country. There are many methods to evaluate naturalization. Adults or 18+ citizens have to live at least 05 years in the UK after that their citizenship would be considered as a permanent. These are the normal and easy factors that favor the overseas for being a resident in the UK but from now due to the changing in immigration rules, it becomes a real-life challenge for all the overseas who are willing to come to the UK legally. Some of them are illustrated below:
Migration From The UK Has Fallen
The UK needs the enterprising talent and skills of overseas students more than ever though. But the overlook of the current situation is something different there’s been a sharp decline in entrepreneurship among immigrants since the new immigration rules have been introduced. According to Nick Hillman the director of (HEIP) Higher Education Policy Institute, The new rules of immigration would be applied on not only upon the students but it includes the teacher-researchers and staff too and all those who are seeking for best thesis writing services that could be proven as a barrier of immigration for the new overseas graduates.
Decline in Entrepreneurship
There is been an observthe ing decline in entrepreneurship at UK due to which the economy would be affected badly if the new immigration rules would applied that stop the overseas undergraduate to work over there meanwhile UK needs their skills as far Perhaps that for the students at UK the government has announced that all the students who are studying in the universities of England and seeking coursework help in the UK they all have to pay the same fees as home students would pay in their first intake in autumn 2019 semester after Brexit. These kinds of changes could affect on the academic career of all the overseas undergraduate right out there.
According to Brexit negotiations beyond the 2019 academic year, it is not known that what will happen on the changes made regarding fee structures and how the students will cop up from this.
Shortage of Occupation
Employment on the corporate side is lower-skilled workers from outside the U.K could be more difficult for them because those workers are expected to be offered only a one-year visa, but now they would have to leave after a year at least more than one year. This could lead to a shortage of occupation in the industries of labor that makes it very difficult for employers looking to retain staff with experience in their industry.
Migration Observatory
The experts of migration policy have warned that the system of registering EU citizens to stay in the UK according to Brexit who will end up as unlawfully resident if they fail to register those are not be considered as eligible candidates for citizenship:
• Parents who are retired and stay at home usually
• Workers who are on a part-time job
• Freelancers and those who are self-employed
• All the teenagers
In short except these groups, all the individuals are eligible for the citizenship of UK but the main issue is that to be an ideal candidate for naturalization the residence previous record should be lawful and therefore according to the UK government the law should be applied as applied in the past years under EU.

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