Education is a compulsory element that every parent wants to give their children. They always make every possible effort for providing the best and qualitative one at any cost. Perhaps that education is becoming very costly day by day due to some greedy groups in every society. Because they set the fake standards for training based on which they evaluate the education system. Although there are many other expenses related to studies that all the parents usually bear. But despite these all expanses, another burden that making parent’s debt is increasing the cost of branded uniforms throughout the UK.

Impacts of Debt on Parents By purchasing Branded Uniforms

According to the recent research and surveys in the UK that parents of secondary school students have to pay most for different items randomly. Like sports suits, school bags, stationery items and the main is a school uniform that is most expensive among all. The rough estimate for each child that a UK parent is bearing is £57 annually. And sometimes the cycle repeats itself twice a year due to the semester break. Because dresses are also expensive with a fix price tag of £41 that a parent has to purchase for completing the school theme. These estimate figures show how parents are struggling and how they are restricted to buy it. Because without this, their children couldn’t enter the school premise and that is more verse for them. Although they can purchase the same outfit from any local store. But the school policies make them bound that they have to buy their all required accessories, including dresses from the school’s outlet. Where every single accessory holds an average percentage of tax and tags that make it more costly. Perhaps that there is no difference in the quality of clothes, but the only name is brand.

How to Cop Up the Burden?

For all those countries that raised the prices of school uniform and made it mandatory in all public schools. There is a forward step from the UK government to reduce the financial burden on parents and make changes in the commercial tags of the school accessories. Because according to responses from 1,000 parents, the conclusion of the research says that nearly one out of six parents are compromising over their budget due to the increasing prices of uniforms. Under these circumstances, they have to reduce their list of other essential requirements goods to cop up this.

Avoid Branding First

Parents should choose the local one because the material of fabrics and designing are all the same as compared to the private school’s outlet. They could purchase the same theme from the local stores or any retail market around their house. Another option is that they can order the design online through social media where several varieties are available at meager prices.

Go Towards School Funding

Most of the families don’t know that there are variable funding available from the government of the UK in both private and government sectors school for the needy students. So, the eligible families may cop up with the cost of school uniforms, school sports kits, and uniforms. In the UK, the funding that is providing by the school comes from the (DfE’s pupil premium). They allow money to all the students who can’t afford the branded school accessories.

Seeking For Scholarship

The scholarship is a funded program that is usually proposed by the higher authorities of a region. Some awards offer by the charity in which the eligibility criteria are the current financial status on which the results consist. While others are base on the merit and caliber of the students who have applied in it, in which their academic track record is under consideration. In these kinds of scholarships, many of the financial expenses of a student get covered in a prestigious way. Because due to this step, they could afford all of their studies costs like dissertation writing service, academic accessories, uniforms, stationery, etc. through one window solution.

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