Although in today’s technologically advanced era, all business communication is done via email, the business letter still has its own individuality. Many business schools even have separate coursework to teach students about professional letter format. You can also find an ideal format letter template available online for your coursework. A letter to an important business contact at a professional level conveys that “I am taking this matter very seriously; you should too”.

The purpose of business letters is to maintain professionalism, so the correct format is vital. You should be aware on how what is the appropriate business letter format. But If English is not your native tongue, it may be difficult to construct a business formal letter format. If you are also struggling, this blog will help you how to format a professional business letter.

How To Write A Business Letter

Before writing a business letter format, you should understand what is a business letter. A professional business letter is a form of communication between two individuals, companies, or external theories. You can also find a good example of a business letter for understanding how to start a business letter write-up.

Note that a professional business letter format must have the following elements;  

  • Date
  • Contact Details of Recipient
  • Salutation
  • Main Body
  • Closure
  • Signature 

Availing buy coursework service can assist you in addressing all these elements, adding to your knowledge. People preparing for their first employment seldom think about the layout of a business letter. Instead, they concentrate on learning the company’s dress code and preparing for the trickiest interview questions. But knowing how to format a business letter is something you should never miss!

business letter

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Contact Details of the Sender

A professional letter format always has a section allotted separately to the sender’s contact information. This is the first element you should know. Senders may decide to use or omit a letterhead if they are unclear about how to start a business letter. You must provide your address if you are using letterheads. The letter’s header may include this information one line above the date.


A formal business letter might take the sender a few days to write. In this case, they are required to provide a completion date. Are you thinking about where the date should go in a letter? The date generally goes at the top of the letter, either center, left, or right. The top position of the date depends on the format you’ve selected.

But it is customary to write the month, date, and year in this order when communicating for business. This is an ideal letter format date for any professional letters. As an example, consider the date “February 5, 2023.” Two inches should separate this material from the page’s top.

To insert the date in various formats, the sender must tab to the midway point. The address should then be written on the letterhead. The date must always be positioned to the left in all other circumstances.

Contact Detail of Recipient

A professional formal letter always addresses important information directed at companies or individuals for business. However, it’s crucial to identify the recipient of the business letter. Any business correspondence must include the correct contact details of the recipient.

According to the international business letter format, the recipient’s address should start on a new line after the date. Left justification is essential regardless of the letter format. Knowing the correct spelling of the nation’s name in capital letters on the last line is very crucial in a formal letter.


A professional business letter format includes a matching salutation and recipient address. Remember to always add the recipient’s full name to make direct contact. However, you can omit the last name of the recipient of you are acquittances with them.

It’s possible to be unsure about the sender’s gender while writing a business letter. To address it in other circumstances, however, would not be suitable. The recipient’s name and position may be added to the message by the sender. You should use the whole name rather than a title. A professional example of a business letter includes a more official title. You should use “Ms”, “Mrs”, or “Mr” when addressing the recipient of the letter.

The Body

Each paragraph in a business letter is separated by a blank line. Paragraphs should be aligned to the left and separated by one space between each line.

The body of the letter must be left-aligned, single-spaced, and structured in a block or a modified format. A blank line should be placed between each paragraph. Being succinct is crucial when writing a business letter. Before addressing the main point in the first paragraph, think about beginning with a salutation. The next paragraph must show how the core idea is significant. In the paragraphs that follow, elaborate on your response by adding more context and proof. The sender summarizes the letter and requests replies in the last paragraph.

The Closure

A professional letter format should have a concise conclusion. Ideally, there should be two sentences. First, the sender gives a justification for contacting the recipient. They thank the recipient for their time in the second paragraph for reading the letter as prescribed in the steps of how to write a University assignment.


In a formal business letter format, the signature is often positioned immediately below the closing. The signature must be manually written. It is recommended to include every piece of contact information you’ll need. This can include the sender’s full name, occupation, phone number, and email address. There should be four spaces for the closing after this paragraph.

Types of Formal Business Letter Format

When you search for an example of business letter, you’ll find many templates with different formats and layouts. Before starting, first, decide the purpose of the formal letter. This will be a starting point in deciding the format of the letter. Students often have to write a formal letter before publishing their university dissertations.

When working on how many words in a dissertation, you should also consider what format type for the submission letter.

Block format

When writing a business letter, format and font should be carefully considered. For planning the layout of a business letter, block format is the most commonly used. This format is used consistently throughout the letter with the exception of the additional left-justified space between paragraphs.

Modified block

Modified block format is another popular format. The letter’s body, the sender, and the receiver are all left-justified and single-spaced in this format. This format is also usually used as an ideal example of business letter. The modified block style uses indentation instead of left justification for each paragraph.


The fourth and least popular style is semi-block. Remember that every firm has certain requirements for business communications format. Although all three examples cover the fundamental elements of a formal letter template, you may need to change the format of your letter to fit letterheads and templates.


The font significantly impacts letter readability. The suggested font is Times New Roman in size 12; however, Arial and other fonts are suitable substitutes. Think about who you are choosing the font for before making a decision. Use Times New Roman if you’re writing for a conservative audience. You have greater leeway to choose a font if you are writing to your school or college. Some buy dissertation online help also provides complementary services of a formal letter.


Use a colon (:) after the salutation and a comma (,) after the closing to punctuate your writing. The rare format of open punctuation may be used in a few instances. This style omits punctuation after the salutation and closing. You can also see a formal business template if you are confused about correct punctuation in the paragraphs.

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