Although it seems illogical to get a job without any experience in this competitive market. Where your alternative is always available because the competition is very tough nowadays. Everyone is more skillful and highly educated, but if they have the related experience that would be considered as a plus point. Both on the aspects of an organization’s requirements and for the individual practice too.
But if we talk about the UK then you don’t need to get any experience before appointed on a job. You may start your dream job just after completing your degree. So, thus, an individual could earn more while getting the prior experience in his field of work.
In the UK there are many fields where you may get a well-reputed job according to your keen interest as a fresh graduate. It is the best opportunity for all the entry-level employees who want to start their careers with a good kick. Perhaps that they can learn more during their jobs and can practice the assigned tasks daily. According to the recent survey of 2019, the following are the lists of the highest paid jobs in the UK.
1. Mechanical Engineer

Engineering is a vast field of practicing that distributed into many faculties. As same as mechanical engineering is the related field of engineering. The degree of mechanical engineering is recognized worldwide. In the UK there are various jobs served to a mechanical engineer with the starting salary of (28,273 pounds). Through this opportunity, a huge number of employments generated every year.
2. Civil Engineer

Building an innovative infrastructure is the basic need of every decade. And a civil engineer mainly deals in it. If we talk about the UK, the jobs from the civil engineering sectors termed as the highest paid jobs. Where you don’t need to acquire any experience all you need is a degree from a reputable university in a required filed, and that’s it. Through the rough estimation, the starting salary of a civil engineer is (28,475 pounds) in the UK.
3. Software Developer

Software development is the modern era technique making every day more innovative and towards future technologies. A software developer should be a creative and problem solver. In this field, you don’t need to get any further experience to get a job. Because it is the basic concept that a software development degree holder should already practice all the software system during your whole academic session. In the UK, the median base salary of a software developer is (28,609 pounds).
4. Financial Analyst

The mentioned designation mainly deals with the economic evaluation of a company or organization. The basic salary of a business analyst in the UK is (28,717 pounds). It includes all kinds of performance related to the financial affairs, stock market tasks, and all the legal documentation in the office premises. Like, maintain files, compiling the data, best essay writing services, an overview of all the transactions. With complete maintenance of credentials and other accounts related documents.

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