6 Important Features of Academic Writing

6 Important Features of Academic Writing

Writing Assignments can sometimes become the cause of anxiety for students. Writing that is effectively and proficiently written, however, can be student’s ticket to good grades and higher academic success. The following important and main features of academic writing are discuss below.

Features of Academic Writing:

Obviously, there are numerous distinctive features, yet before we get to that, one needs to know few principles of academic writing service UK. First of all, it is right language structure, a clear association of written context and appropriate academic writing design. These are basic things one needs to stick to in this type of composing. The actual principles are all about the right utilization of literary devices, choice of words, styles, and values. The common purpose of scholarly writing is to exhibit information in order to represent a clear understanding of a specific subject. Let’s move onward to the real features of academic writing.


Effectual academic writing presumes the wide use of specific figures and dates.  Improper word combinations like “someone said” or “a lot of people” are not considered satisfactory academic writing expressions.  35 thousand, 85%, 1987 miles, the year 2013 – these are the phrases that fit the academic content more accurately. An example of a typical academic sentence is: Biologist had tried to synthesize molecular growth for the previous 8 years.


If you contrast your daily talk with academic writing and features of academic writing, you will surely notice that composition is more composite. It is sophisticated from the aspects of grammatical standpoint as it uses more subordinate like “that-to” complement part and also more attributive adjective.  Academic writing additionally features more linguistic variations in contrast to spoken language. Such as, if you want to say your friend anything like “Terrorism has changed once peaceful US cities” in academic writing it would look more like “The cities in the US had once been peaceful, but they altered when people became brutal.”


Informal linguistic presume the abundant utilization of informal expressions like “stuff”, “sort of”, etc. alongside abbreviated types of words and phrasal word verbs (for example, put off). If you have ever read any of the articles on scholastic writing tips, you should realize that the previously mentioned informalities are not suitable in this context.

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This might well be the hardest necessity of features of academic writing for understudies as they regularly tend to focus on what they realize and believe when composing their assignments. The thing is that when we are discussing objectivity, we imply that the main significance ought to be on the presented arguments instead of what you “assumptions about the issue”. Lecturers in academies are not specifically interested in just what student suppose; instead, they interested to know what students have studied, how they could back up their arguments, and how they would draw their conclusions. So if you have to compose an academic paper, don’t think about appealing to reader’s feelings as well as usage of “I”, “me”, “in my opinion”, and so on.


Hedging is somehow a critical feature to interpret. In academic writing, you have to form decisions about your posture on a specific subject, or the strength of the arguments you are using. Be conscious not to create solid claims such as ‘it proves’ Instead, utilize phrases like ‘It could indicate that.


Most of the students will already have skills in composing a structured essay. Academic writing necessitates precise structure so the readers could follow the argument as exactly as possible. Don’t forget to include an introduction, paragraphs, and a conclusion as prescribed by the best UK Assignment Writers.


Being clear in the utilization of vocabulary is another imperative requirement for every academic paper. In regular discussions, words like “cash”, “money”, and “assets” can be used conversely. However, when you deal with an academic paper, you ought to be precise in utilizing these terms properly because all of them has its particular sense and context. Despite the fact that they all appear to show pretty much the similar concept, these terms have their very own particular features and applications.

Since you know the academic composition definition and the distinguishing features of this type of writing, you can be more fruitful when handling your academic assignments. There are many students who have a hard time when tasked with research projects and writing essays simply because they do not understand the necessities of academic work and, thus, what they are requested to produce. A lot of them are stunned to discover their grades when they get their papers. The issue is that most of the students do not understand what academic composing is all about. If you learn the previously mentioned features and do your best to stick to them when working on your academic assignment, then most likely you would not be failed with your essay reviews ever since then most likely you would not be failed with your essay reviews ever since.

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