It has been one of the most dramatic and consequential weeks when this political event happened. Brexit is basically about the British Exit from the European Nations. Behind all the more profound arguments, it has observed that the companies and organizations are facing problems and issues by the most significant event in political history. The result of the political event happened after 52% votes, which were in favor of Brexit.


The British and European unions engaged for many years in doing business and marketing together. The British and Europe also include different companies that are doing business and marketing in international aspects. The trade barriers also got narrowed by the joining of British and Europe.


We should try to understand the exact issue which made the Brits vote in favor of the event. In my aspect, there would be three factors which led the Brits to vote in favor of the game:

1.    Political elitism.
2.    Sovereignty.
3.    Economic Factors.

Before discussing the factors, one has to know about the most significant political event “Brexit” to get aware of the game.

What is Brexit?

Brexit is the political event that happened in 2016, which implies upon the Brits to leave the European Nation.

Political Elitism

The political leadership, when it comes to the Brits, has been in profound loss which leaves the voters to vote in favor of British Exit from the European Union. Ultimately, some of the people in British are not in favor of British Exist.  Because they thought that many organizations which are doing business by having joint mergers would get affected by this. The struggle has noticed in three ways, which included two of the parties who were not in favor of British Exit.  While; the one opposed the decision of two parties and voted in favor.


British Political System is in favor of the elitist approach and works on an electoral system which often excludes the population at large. The version of representing British democracy is different from the ones in Europe, which is why it makes the Brits different from European people.


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Another reason for voting for Brexit is “rise of nationalism,” which is growing fast across the world and impacting the trades along with changing the multinational financial organizations. Significant examples for this include the NATO and IMF. There has been mistrust in the companies of Europe and British for which Brexit is a reasonable solution. Because of the big political event, there were immense financial losses which have faced by both nations along with the companies working in both British and Europe.

The sovereignty is about accessing the power which the country has; the referendum is not about the land only.

Economic Factors

There has been dysfunction in finance, budgets, and economies which has noticed in 2008. The things regarding financial and economic losses have increased since the year. Also, there has been 23% unemployment, which has seen for which the Brits voted in favor of the event. Europe has even stagnated when it comes to financing, costs, and budgets of the organizations working in collaboration with the British ones.


By understanding the impact of Brexit on companies and organizations, one can recognize problems and issues by which one can tackle and mitigate the errors created by the event. The article can also help the students to get aware of the current developments and happenings in the country due to such political activities.

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