How AI Is Emerging In Writing Industry.

How AI Is Emerging In Writing Industry.

AI is emerging and it may think impossible for a machine to imitate complex imagination which humans use while writing. However, nothing is difficult for technology. People think that robots cannot connect to readers emotionally. But, in reality, AI is able to communicating emotion to some extent. 

AI Can Be Helpful In The Writing Process In Different Ways:

So AI can write novels, poems, and news reports. However, these machines are not used by everyone. At now, the AI that the public can access can only perform some writing and proofreading tasks.

These are the various ways how AI is emerging in writing industry:

Smart Proofreading:

Almost all vendors of software try their level best to help writers by providing proofreading features in the tools. These features generally detect grammar mistakes and spelling errors and make them correct.

More advanced AI features such as Microsoft Word’s editing feature have a good understanding of the content, so it can give something more than just proofreading. It can consider writing variation and flags overused and difficult words. There is online writing help, like Grammarly, that permit to check composition spelling, grammar, style, punctuation, and sentence structure.

Check Plagiarism:

Plagiarism is a very sensitive issue in writing and cannot be neglected. In case, when referencing anyone else’s ideas, authors mistaken in using their real words. This is unacceptable in composing professional articles and reports. Fortunately, there are some tools that will assist to detect plagiarized material . These tools based on AI algorithms.

Content Assessment:

Tools like Yoast and atomic reach use a rating system to investigate the quality of the content. Usually, these tools evaluate the understandability of the content. Are the paragraphs too lengthy? Have the context contains a wordy sentence? Has one made good utilization of transition words? The number of sentences contains a passive voice?

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Quick Scanning:

To write a good piece of article, one needs to understand a good amount of context first. The fatigue is that there are so many journals, books, documents and reports to read but a short time to do it. It consumes time to explore the main highlights of the various references. Fortunately, there are algorithms of AI, such as Algorithm IA’s Summarizer , that aid to provide smart summaries of lengthy texts. These assist to get the flavor of all the reading materials, so one does not need to scan them.

Language Translator:

In 2016 Google Translator had a vital upgrade. It now translates more exactly by sentence or phrase instead of translating word by word, – by an AI system. It even introduced its own language for assistance. Writers could eventually use Google Translator to translate the whole book or article into any other language for free. 

Searching Through Audio Files:

Though, audio search becomes a reality – by the strength of AI. Machines can decode sound – like Siri, – and audio searches take this further. Applications are commonly available: such as , bills also as “the search engine for spoken audio”.

Influencing Reader’s Book Buying:

Certain online booksellers, like amazon, depend on complicated algorithms to forecast which books someone may be concerned in based on which books they had already purchased. If someone has ever bought a book or paper on Amazon, surely experience this!

This is generally thought as a positive essence of AI – it aids readers to find books that they will hopefully enjoy to read and it assist authors to be uncovered by readers who may not earlier have experience their work.

Is AI Writing Will Impact Writers Job?

Another question about AI is that writers confuse that AI will replace humans. But, AI must be all about support and assistance; not competition. Nowadays several online assignment writing help companies have been spread in the web market and a question which hit in our mind when buying essay online is that an article or essay will be written by the human being or robot?

Simple answer is an author is most probably a human being; AI is assisting human writers in various ways so that they can finish their work efficiently and fast. The conclusion is artificial intelligence will make the process of writing much faster and easier but it would not replace the human writers.

Final Thoughts:

No doubt, artificial intelligence is very powerful but it is just a programmed machine lack of thinking. Writing work is totally based on thinking so AI assist side-by like helpful in searching, plagiarism checking, grammar checking, and correction, scanning quality of work, proofread, translate from one language to another and also capable of finding the reader’s interest. But AI is not that much able to completely overtake the writer’s job. In the future most probably AI finally takes over little writing tasks; human writers can focus on major topics.

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